Things are not quite what they seem - please read on...

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Welcome to the Pipesfordogs web site.

Ok, here's the truth. Apart from a fab picture which we are led to belive is in the
public domain and featured above, this site doesn't really have too much to do
with dogs, or pipes. It *IS* about us being cheapskates who prefer to keep our
advertising costs dirt-cheap - so we can offer things that most websites want
£1 a minute for - and we can offer whole stories for less.

Naughtyness follows below - over 18 only please.

Oh yes - and for 60p we can give you a full months unlimited access to what
is now possible the UK's LARGEST and CHEAPEST directory for
UK escorts, massage parlours, erotic dancers and saunas.

We know Viz - fab comic - often uses domain names for their spoof adverts
and we thought it might get a few of you more adventurous and curious souls
having a look to see *IF* there might be something there on the domain name.

And there is.

Including a fab pic of a dog smoking a pipe - what more could you ask for?

How about something appealing to the more basic instincts?

Possibly of more interest to those of you who are frisky and naughty are
the links below. they will take you to a page (NO pop-ups or sillyness) where
you can browse to see if there are stories you like, cost just 15p a minute
AND if you don't like the story you are listening too, you just press the # key
on the phone and pick another - no farting about having to re-dial.

So there you have it, an unashamedly cheap marketing gimmick so we can
offer unashamedly cheap prices for stories which are advertised in certain
mags for £1.50 per minute. you get it for a 90% discount as you are online
and not reading a high priced glossy.

Or put it another way, pay for one wank with us  - and effectively get 9 free.

Don't forget the directory - we have naughty ladies in ALL UK towns now - and
a large number of villages too for that matter.

http://www.writerprint.com and http://www.kindlepress.co.uk - excellent resource for authors wishing to be published.

Finally another pic of a dog....

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See you on the site - it IS stonking good value
and we promise everything is legal too - though
in some cases, only just.

(Or see the stories on THIS site - same silly cheap price)